Story of Survival & Love

This is Julia and her husband Oleksiy. I asked Oleksiy if he was right or left handed. He said, “I’m right handed but now Julia is my right hand.” Oleksiy said that when he gets out of the hospital he will return to the military, that they will have some type of job for him. Below is Julia’s email to us.
“I’m right handed but now Julia is my right hand.”
You are doing a very powerful job! You bring the truth to the world. The truth without embellishment. The truth about how Ukraine and Ukrainians are fighting for their right to live in a free democratic country! To live in a free country is our dream! Just live your happy life! For this reason, we Ukrainians will destroy all the invaders who came to kill, torture, and rob us. Understanding that we are not alone, that we have allied countries, citizens of these countries, gives us the strength to continue our struggle. We are very grateful to you for the opportunity to share our story – one of thousands of Ukrainian families.

The understanding that this will at least somehow help in our struggle or at least bring us a little closer to our Victory in this war is inspiring.

Oleksiy and I thank you for your support and help!

Sincerely yours,
Julia P.