Fall 2022 – Day Three: Ukraine Mission – Vinnytsia, Ukraine

The drive from Botosnai, Romania, through Moldova to Vinnytsia, Ukraine took some ten hours. We had two border crossings, Romania/Moldova, Moldova/Ukraine which took considerable time – another dynamic of the war that frustrated our plans. Our dinner with Mr. Sergii Tatusiak, Chair, Dniester Euroregion and his team was delayed due to our late departure. Vinnytsia is in a war zone and has a curfew and a partial black out. Restaurants close at 9:00 and one has to be off the streets by 11:00. Our guests were gracious enough to bring the restaurant food back to their office were we had introductions, dinner and a brief overview of the situation in Vinnytsia.

Their city has been under sporadic missile attack since the early days of the war. Vinnytsia is in central Ukraine and about 300 miles from the front lines. It has a population of close to 400,000, but because of the war that Russia has waged, internally displaced people (IDP) have increased its population to two million.