Fall 2022 – Day One: Ukraine Mission – Budapest

From Left: Chip Duncan, USA, photojournalist and documentarian; Marta Marrzis, Hungary, United Nations Development Program; Joel Cowen, USA, Chairman of Habersham & Cowan; Sandor Koles , Hungary, Carpathian Foundation, Rachael Beck, USA, PASS-USA; Dr. Gokhan Manmur, Peditrician, USA, PASS-USA, Dan White, USA, Geotrac Foundation. Not shown, Dan Puls, USA, Executive Director PASS-USA

25-Sept-23: Evening arrival in Budapest. Dinner with the team:

This was the first assembly of the entire team. A near terminal dose of jet lag and a ten hour layover in Frankfurt did not dampen the energy. Many are old friends. Joel, Dan, and Sandor have worked for decades on humanitarian and development projects throughout Eastern Europe and the world and bring world-class expertise.

The mission of the trip, understanding the needs of refugees and displaced persons due to the war in Ukraine, was the topic for the evening. The team agreed to give priority to Dr. Gokhan’s (who is an internationally recognized expert in pediatric and gynecological care) efforts to identify personnel, equipment and training needs.

Dr.Gokhan is bringing some wearable technology (smart glasses) that will allow in-theater doctors to network in real time with, for example, pediatric trauma specialists in the U.S.

After dinner the team drove several hours to Mateszalka, Hungary on the boarder with Romania.