Summer 2023 – Day Eight: And Total War Meets Total CommitmentAnd We See The Future

Air raid sirens at 1:30 AM and down to the hotel bomb shelter we go. We’re staying in a massive, Soviet era hotel and it has a proper bomb shelter not just a basement. A few hours later the all clear sounds. This building is not only Soviet in its construction but also in its administration. One cannot get coffee until 8:00 AM!

Today we start of with a visit with Maksym Kozytskyy, Head of Administration in Lviv (equivalent of a U.S. governor) and his staff. Their focus is on the post war reconstruction with a particular emphasis on medical capabilities and housing. They recognize that the hundreds of thousands of IDPs living in the Lviv area are not likely to go home for years. Their cities, their villages, their homes are likely reduced to rubble. The initiative is called “UnBroken”.

Next we visit with Stepan Kuibida, Director, Department of Economic Policy and his staff. All governments want private sector investment but here the need is 1. More urgent and 2. Critical for Ukraine’s integration into the European Union and into global free markets. Ukraine’s vision of the Future is broad and it is not constrained by Russia’s war.