Western Ukrainian Specialized Children Medical Center – Lviv, Ukraine


Western Ukrainian Specialized Children Medical Center

This hospital is dedicated to providing rehabilitation services for children affected by the conflict. 

1st Round of Funding: Goal $50,000

Western Ukrainian Specialized Children Medical Center in Lviv, Ukraine is dedicated to enhance the quality of care and rehabilitation for children injured in the conflict providing a conducive healing environment. While the team is exceptional, they find themselves grappling with a surge in the number of patients, stretching their capacities to the limit.

Equipment Needs
The rehabilitation center urgently requires state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment to enhance the effectiveness and scope of its comprehensive care programs.
Renovations Needed
The pediatric therapy center is in need of renovations to create a more vibrant and child-friendly space, fostering an environment that promotes healing and comfort for the young patients undergoing therapy.

Little Liza's Story

Liza was severely injured when a missile destroyed her home in Bakhmut. She had a spinal injury, multiple leg injuries, and glass shards in her head. They thought she would never walk again.  She is currently under rehabilitation at the Western Ukraine Specialized Children Medical Center. 

Western Ukrainian Specialized Children Medical Center

Equipment Needed

How Can You Help?

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